The Self-Worth Series


The Self-Worth Series
Dr. Gordon Cochrane

Our sense of worthiness greatly influences our most important decisions in life. Our sense of self influences what we imagine to be personally possible. We do not imagine success or strive for success in realms where we feel unable or unworthy. In spite of our abilities, we pull back from risks if what we imagine is failure, rejection and humiliation. Instead we lower our sites and live life from the philosophy of, better safe than sorry.

Our sense of self influences how well we take care of our health; it influences our education and career goals; it influences how well we do in performance situations; it influences how we function in relationships and it influences our overall quality of life.

The Self-Worth Series includes the research-validated and clinically-proven self-help programs described below. Each of these valuable programs includes written and recorded imagery tools designed to help you strengthen your self-worth so you can enjoy greater success and fulfillment in your life.

This site features the Recorded Imagery Activities from the Self-Worth Series e-books listed below. All of these e-books can be found at Amazon; Apple; Barnes & Noble; Indigo by simply typing in: Dr. Gordon Cochrane. To order the Recorded Imagery Activies that supplement these books, click here.

The Self-Worth Odyssey

The Self-Worth Odyssey provides an imagery-enhanced road map for your journey to success and fulfillment. This new self-help program gives you superb imagery tools that will help you identify and effectively respond to your life limiting self-perceptions so you can strengthen your sense of worthiness, clarify your values and your goals and finally, take the necessary steps to convert your goals into reality. No other self-help program gives you the creative and highly valuable imagery activities that are provided for you in this program.

The Self-Worth Odyssey gives you recorded imagery activities that you can use easily and as often as you wish. These powerful imagery activities allow you to progress at your own pace as you effectively identify and resolve your success-sabotaging self-doubts and self-criticisms. In the second half of your journey you will find additional imagery activities that are designed to help you confidently focus on the steps that will result in the achievement of your goals.

Change your self...change your life.

Winning at Weight-Loss

The fundamentals of this program, which originated from Dr. Cochrane's research in weight-loss, were published in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and more recently in, the journal Canadian Family Physician.

If you are ready to get off the weight loss roller coaster and become a healthy person in a healthy body, Winning at Weight Loss is the program for you. This innovative new e-book combines up-to-date research with real world practicality. In addition, you get 13 gentle, yet powerful recorded imagery activities designed to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

As you know, any reasonable diet can be effective for short term weight loss but no diet, on its own, has proven effective for long term weight loss. In the past you have begun each new diet with sincerity, determination and enthusiasm. You have done all the right things and you have lost weight... for a while... but then something always happens. Curiously, you have stopped on this road to success and, for reasons that were often unclear, you returned to your former ways and eventually, to your former weight. What happens when we do this? Why, in spite of our sincere desire to lose weight, do we change course and return to where we started?

Winning at Weight Loss gives you the tools to find out what happens at that critical point where, in the past, you have changed your mind and turned away from your goal. With this new awareness, you become the person in charge. This awareness gives you the opportunity to make the personal changes that will free you to go the distance and achieve your long-sought goal of lasting weight loss.

The personal change concepts, outstanding imagery activities, research information and numerous case illustrations available to you in Winning at Weight Loss allow you, at long last, to become the healthy person in a healthy body that you have always wanted to be.

Loving Relationships: How to Become a Loveable Person in a Loving Relationship

Intimacy-wary people are in relationships with intimacy-wary people. They both want intimacy but they have learned to fear the open trusting state that makes intimacy possible. This new and outstanding book gives you and your partner the written and recorded tools to address your intimacy wariness so you can then utilize the research-validated communication guidelines presented in the later chapters. You will find this new book of great personal value as you and your partner create your own loving and life-enhancing relationship.

Freedom From Smoking

Freedom from Smoking is a professionally sound, research-validated program for smokers who want to become non-smokers. The Freedom from Smoking e-book, with the current research on smoking cessation and the step-by-step plan that has been so effective for those who ultimately gain their freedom from nicotine, is available at - Kindle books.

Sports Psychology

To perform at your best in your sport, you need to master the correct athletic skills and you need a sound knowledge of your game. These physical mechanics come primarily from your coaches and are refined by your ongoing hard work. In addition, you need the psychological fundamentals of a winning attitude and a legitimate and unshakeable confidence in you ability to do what it takes when the pressure is on. In Sports Psychology: Being the Best You Can Be, you are given the research-validated sports psychology information and the written and recorded tools that will enable you to harness your anxieties, focus on your desired outcome, rehearse your performances and then go do what you rehearsed. The valuable written and recorded rehearsal imagery tools are a key feature of this book.

Ultimate Relaxation

Sometimes, what we need most is an opportunity to pull back, relax, replenish and restore. Throughout the 74 minutes of Ultimate Relaxation, you will enjoy two soothing versions of deep restorative comfort.

Success, Self-Worth & You

Success Self-Worth & You is Dr. Cochrane's five-hour seminar version of his 263 page book, The Self-Worth Odyssey. This recorded seminar includes imagery activities, case illustrations and discussion of key concepts and practical applications of self-worth.

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